Civita’s world

Queriot was born in 2010 and it was identified with gold jewellery, clean shapes and the use of precious and semi-precious stones… At that time Civita was still only a dream of hope and positivity, an ideal city where all of us would love to live and spend our time.

This world gradually started to take shape with Civita’s coins, the trading currency of the city, that citizen started to use to share dreams and positive values. Those values are in the air and they are made of sentences that we say, think and above all share on the social pages, Facebook in the first place. They speak to our world and the way they talk about life is more and more spontaneous.

And so Civita comes alive… with its houses and its bright colours. Every beads, pendants or bell, thanks to Civita’s book, tells a special moment of this city: the smell of coffee in the morning at the Bonbon Bistrot, the blackberries and dew garden, the tooling of the bells and the little van “Pour toi”…


QUERIOT is not just a simple jewellery business, but instead a communication company. Each jewel, first of all, it’s part of a world, a mood and a thought and therefore, very special as the real meaning is known only be the person who is wearing it.

This is why the jewel becomes a very precious amulet. Entirely Made in Italy, created with precious materials (mainly silver, rose gold and precious and semi-precious stones) and where attention to details plays a vital role: the sandblasting, the imperfect shape of the coin, a priceless stone, the beauty of a dew drop or a lucky horn.The story starts from the product’s details which are consistently communicated by everything around it: by the posts on Facebook, to the use of the windows’ kit and catalogs… everything contributes to describe this special world.

Mission and Values

BEING ITALIAN › It is all made in Italy: jewellery, packaging, windows’ kit and support materials

CRAFTSMANSHIP › Means to us the protection of our italian artisan “know how” and the growth, step by step, all together with them and their precious job

POSITIVITY › “A day without laughter is a day wasted” Charlie Chaplin used to say, and we made it our slogan

FAIRYTALES’ IMPORTANCE › Celebrating every important moment with you, including your falls and you achievements… this is how the jewel becomes unforgettable

A WOMEN’S COMPANY › Queriot is made up of women only, except for its founder Francesco Minoli