Lodovica Paschetta

Since the beginning i was always interested in different forms of art. I got closer to figuratives arts to express the world on my own way by drawing paintings. I would like the spectator to feel in a fairy tail dimension, a bit dreamlike, from where the dreamer will never go too far and for too long. I like to use bright and LIGHT colors to mix them and create contrasts. While i am using rounded and simple forms, even if i am always searching for precision and symmetry, the painting takes shape on its own, almost pushed by a child’s hand and so without any rules and costraints.
The result is always a surprise for myself as well.

Painting for me means entering in a different dimension where spaces get bigger, shapes are redefined and perspectives changed.

There is nothing i love more than playing with colors : Combining and mixing them to create contrasts. Colors are bright, warm and light.

This is how we are suppose to live: With colors.