Music on world off

Shut the world out, turn the music on and dream away!

55-'A Museca

The music. For you who listen, play or strum, be it a guitar, a flute or…

Lily of the Valley shaped Bell

Hundreds of tinkling rattles spread out their scent in Civita. Legend says that the nightingale always…

Umbrella shaped Bell

Rain, rain, rain But I'll take take of you!

Indian Bell

Once upon a time the Sultan of the East came to Civita carrying an ancient bell,…

The "Milk" Rattle

The best things in life always start with a carton of milk: a cake, breakfast, a…

Bow shaped Rattle

THE BOW OF SPECIAL MOMENTS. In Civita the bow is a good-luck charm traditionally given to…

Tibetan Rattle

A monk from Tibet visiting the town of Civita brought with him a rattle that could…

Acorn shaped Rattle

Legend says that those who pick an acorn in the woods of Civita will find plenty…

Flourish Fortunella

THE FORTUNELLA OF LOVE A tinkling of sweetness, sharing and passion

Vertical Stripes Fortunella

THE FORTUNELLA OF BEAUTY A tinkling of charm, class and elegance

Dots Fortunella

THE FORTUNELLA OF STRENGTH A tinkling of energy, courage and love