Tout es possible

Be crazy! Everything is possible!

Le principesse sono tatuate

We all have a princess inside.

Listen to your Heart Bracelet

"For sure, an ordinary passer-by would think that my rose looked just like you--the rose that…

Bangle Ma libertè steel and rose…

The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is bravery (Tucidide)

Hot Ballon

I am ready to go anywhere as long as I can always reach higher!

Petit Déjeuner Bracelet

Menù of the Day: 1. Curls of happiness 2. Fantasy of cakes 3. A card of love

My four-legged friend Bangle

Every moment is special with my furry friend.

Wishes Bracelet

I hope your sweetest dreams come true!

Energy Bangle

Energy = coffee beans + double sweetness

Tout est Possible bracelet

I love the world of my dreams… Because everything is possible!

Carpe diem

Carpe diem, seize the day. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. And this same flower that…

Music on world off

Shut the world out, turn the music on and dream away!

Don't worry be hippy

Live life with lightness, don't think too much and always be positive!

Laugh lots

Laugh today cry tomorrow. (to read every day)

I love me

Learn to love yourself, and everything else will be all right.

Never give up

Never give up… You might be closer than you think!

Il principe azzurro si è perso…

Someday your prince charming will come… He probably got lost in the woods!

When nothing goes right, go left

If something goes wrong, remember plan B!

I'm gonna make the rest of…

Today I am determined: I'm going to make the rest of my life the best of…

Stars can't shine without darkness

Hard times help us grow, as even the brightest star needs the night to shine!