Small and Tiny

Small souvenirs, sweet thoughts dedicated to you,
to keep with you all the time.
In a mini format!

Un giorno senza sorridere è un…

In good days and bad days, always remember to smile!

Live Laugh Love

The three rules of happiness: live, laugh, love!

Se verrai a trovarmi domani..

Waiting for happiness... Is already happiness!

Felicità chiama felicità

Happiness is contagious

Vivere senza rimpianti

Life is better with remorse than with regret. Love, dream, take risks, enjoy your life!

Amare senza riserve

Songs, books, people talk about it. We will suffer, we will rejoice... But what is life…

Sognare in grande

If you dream... dream big!


Meowwwwww... a call for: cuddles, food, move over from my bed and Let’s play!

Je T'aime

Three seconds to say it. Three hours to explain it. A whole life to prove it.…

Dad I love you!

Prince charming for little girl, Rambo for little boys, Drivers for party, Who said "Let's go…

Margherita me quiere

Because we all used to pluck off the petals of daisies, whispering "Loves me… Loves me…

Music on world off

Shut the world out, turn the music on and dream away!


To say thank you and remind you of how special you are!

Carpe diem

Carpe diem, seize the day. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. And this same flower that…

Tks mom!

To my mommy: Thank you for always being there through my silences and bad moods, but…

Don't worry be hippy

Live life with lightness, don't think too much and always be positive!

Laugh lots

Laugh today cry tomorrow. (to read every day)

Give love

It doesn't matter how much you give, it matters how much love you put into it.

Dream big

Dream big, dreams come free of charge!

Be grateful

Be grateful for life, because every day you have a chance to smile, be happy, be…

Live simply

The small things make our life big!

I love me

Learn to love yourself, and everything else will be all right.

I love U

I love you for who you are. For who you have been. For who you will…

I love U

I love you for who you are. For who you have been. For who you will…

Special Edition I love U

I love you for who you are. For who you have been. For who you will…

Tu la mia famiglia

For you, who are my family.

Tu la mia amica

For you, who are my friend.

Tu il mio amore

For you, who are my love.