Welcome to the city of Civita

There is a small village, not too far, not too close,
a cheerful town made by trees and houses
where stories flow
and affections are intertwined.

The sky

How is the weather forecast for today?
The sky is clear with some clouds and lots of flying dreams.

The city's sounds

The nature wakes up quietly and bells remind us that it is a new day. A new day to smile, to rejoice and where...everything is possible.

The sea

The taste of salt, wind blowing through your hair, a nice cool cocktail and the whole horizon is for us.

The garden

The sun begins to set and the garden becomes more magical than ever. Some dim lanterns, the scent of flowers...together with the right friends.

The Civita's coins

In this little town there is a coin which has got a round shape and an imperfect flavour. It is a precious coin because it is able to pay with love and gratitude.
Share it with people you love.

Le Bonbon Bistrot

A cheerful place, made of colours and scents that smell good. You can plug your laptop or read a nice book while drinking a hot cup of coffee...is it not a moment to be framed?

In the window

I'm Qu.
Follow me in the city of Civita.